Stefan Haberl, M.A. technical translations - patent translations

Stefan Haberl, M.A.

  • State certified translator and interpreter
  • Publicly commissioned under oath as translator and interpreter for the English language
  • Member of BDÜ (professional association of interpreters and translators in Germany)

Experienced interpreter and translator for

  • Technical translations
  • Patent translations

Language pairs

  • English-German
  • German-English

Fields of technology

Telecommunications, Mikroelectronics, Plasma technology, Vacuum technology, Computer chip manufacture, Electrical engineering, Medical technology, Optical fibres, Mechanical engineering, Automotive engineering, Certificates, Technical training manuals, Intellectual Property, more...


Patent translator

In 1994, I was employed by an IP law firm to translate patents and other intellectual property.

At the time, I had no idea that one day this would become my main specialization.

Today, translating patents has become my vocation.

It has meanwhile become second nature for me to think in terms such as PCT, EPC, Rule 71(3) EPC, scope of protection, examination, grant, time limit, claims feature or priority.

Tutor at College

Working as a technical translator and teaching at college have become mutually reinforcing elements in my professional life.

At college, I teach engineering and technical translating in the training of would-be language professionals.

Technical Interpreter and Translator

The in-depth knowledge thus acquired also helps me when working as a technical translator and interpreter in various engineering fields.

Patent translations

I am highly specialized in the translation of patents. more...


Almost all my clients are patent attorneys. more...


As an English specialist, I translate in both directions: English-German and German-English. more...


I have been a translator in the field of intellectual property since 1994. more...


From 1994 to 2000 I worked in an IP law firm. more...


Stefan Haberl, M.A.
state certified translator and interpreter
technichal translations - patent translattions
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