Stefan Haberl, M.A. technical translations - patent translations


Linguistic Competence


As an English specialist I can point to excellent linguistic competence. By completing two degrees in English - one as a translator and interpreter and an M.A. in applied linguistics - I have been able to approach the English language on both practical and academic levels.

For many years I have been active as a tutor of bilingual engineering in the context of training future technical translators and interpreters.

I have spent a year in Britain as a work experience, and a few years later had the good fortune to be chosen for an exchange scholarship at the University of Sussex. These long-term immersions into British English have given me a near-native command of the language.


By completing an academic degree at a German University, and by working in numerous technical fields, I have been able to continuously widen and deepen my German native-language skills.


Technical Competence

Studying engineering at the SDI (language college) and successfully passing the State Exam for Translators and Interpreters in English and engineering have established a solid foundation of my technical expertise. Working as an interpreter for engineering training courses as well as translating numerous patent applications and other intellectual property have helped to continuously expand my knowledge.

In brief

Clients benefit from the routine and reliability which are the result of the large number of technical texts that I have meanwhile translated.

My teaching experience in the training of technical translators has resulted in a further widening of my technical expertise.


Stefan Haberl, M.A.
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